The Book of Enoch Conspiracy:
Was The Book of the Parables REALLY Not Found in the Dead Sea Scrolls?

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If a pre-Christian copy of the Parables were ever discovered, it would create a sensation!” ~ Michael Wise

Why the Book of the Parables will one day be shown to be original to The Book of Enoch

The reason I believe that one day it will be definitively shown that the The Book of the Parables is an authentic part of the Book of Enoch is because of the way Jesus used the term “Son of Man” in his ministry. Jesus uses the term “Son of Man” the way the Book of Enoch does, NOT the way the Book of Daniel does. He was referring to Enoch's prophecies found in The Book of the Parables. Jesus fulfills “the Son of Man” prophecies of the Book of Enoch. In Daniel the phrase “one like a son of man” simply means Messiah appeared to look like a man to Daniel in his vision. In Enoch the term “Son of Man” is used as if it were a title for the Messiah, not a mere description of how he appeared. I believe Jesus is referring back to Enoch in ascribing this title to himself 82 times in the four gospels.

Possible Reasons Why The Book of the Parables has not yet surfaced among the Dead Sea Scroll Discoveries

I usually keep my conspiracy theories to myself but I'm going to break with tradition...

It is well-known that The Book of the Parables, (which contains Enoch's second vision after his call) has not been verified by any Dead Sea Scroll fragments. It is also true that a Dominican priest by the name of Józef T. Milik held monopolistic control over the Enoch fragments for 35 years. It is also known that Józef T. Milik had in his possession undescribed Dead Sea Scroll fragments which were never turned over. One online poster, Michele Lucano Infantado observed, “I actually thought that IF the Gospels are not true, this book is where the writers got their information and ideas from”. Right! If one were looking for a reason to disbelieve the gospels, one explanation could be the gospels were derivitive of earlier traditions! What if Fr. Milik were thinking the same thing and withheld his fragments of The Book of the Parables because of an unbelieving heart leading him to think if he released the fragments it would overthrow his religion? Someone firm in their belief that the gospels are inspired Scriptures would want the world to see these ancient fragments of the The Book of the Parables so as to say, “See! Jesus was specifically prophesied!” An unbelieving religionist might have seen the fragments as a threat to his version of “Christianity”.

Note: it was also this same Fr. Milik who was the originator of the theory that the reason The Book of the Parables was not present in the Dead Sea Scrolls, was because it was an early Christian composition. It just wouldn't do for him to surrender fragments which would later turn out to be from The Book of the Parables after he'd put forth that idea.

Why would The Book of Enoch in general and in particular The Book of the Parables be suppressed?

Simply put, because its blessing to the elect and righteous in the day of tribulation will be to turn them to believe Jesus, the Son of Man is the Messiah, after all!!!

The next big revelation in Enoch studies?

We may live to see the The Book of Enoch bumped up to a whole new level of credibility. It is more than just a rumor that a truly ancient, complete copy of The Book of Enoch in Aramaic has been found but is being held back for investment purposes! Its in someone's private control!

Ever since I read about this in Shank's “Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls: a Reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review” I've been tracking this story and there seems to have been increasing chatter online about this during this time. Below are a couple of sites which go into more detail.

Stay tuned!

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